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Mandy kicks Paul out in Emmerdale after his secret is revealed

But why does he end up in A&E?

After Vinny reminds Paul that if he doesn’t tell Mandy about his gambling, he will be forced to, they both arrive at the pub and are left stunned as Mandy launches into a full-on musical proposal. Put on the spot, Paul awkwardly says "Yes", leaving Vinny both astonished and appalled.

Later, Vinny’s anger peaks when he accuses Paul of lying about his epilepsy. Realising he's gone too far, Vinny starts to back away from Paul, terrified by his violent demeanour.

When and emotional Vinny begins to open up to Liv about Paul’s gambling, they're interrupted by Paul who is devastated when Vinny breaks into tears.

Full of self-loathing, Paul breaks down and tells Mandy about his gambling but omits the detail about his violence. After Mandy kicks him out of the salon, Paul drives away whilst Mandy begins to furiously stuff Paul's belongings into a bin bag, ready to take to the pawn shop.

After selling Paul’s possessions, Mandy’s face darkens to see him approach with Liv and she refuses to hear Paul out, leaving him gutted.

Later at the Scrapyard, Sam and Lydia stop-by to see Paul and seem sympathetic towards him. However, their relief over their kindness is short-lived, as Connor arrives at the scrapyard not far behind them.

As Mandy and Vinny mull over Paul’s betrayal, they kick themselves for trusting him again. And when Vinny’s phone rings, he’s shocked to hear that Paul’s been taken to A&E.

Emmerdale continues Monday - Friday at 7pm and Thursdays at 8pm on ITV


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