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Mandy rushes to save Paul as he's kidnapped in Emmerdale

But can she pay up the mysterious money? And if so will Paul be released?

When Connor turns up at the scrapyard, Paul scrambles to make excuses, knowing he's short on the amount he owed. Warning him that his time is up, Conor brandishes a metal bar, leaving Paul fearing for his life.

After receiving a voicemail from Paul, telling her he's in trouble, Mandy rushes to meet him and is stunned to see a balaclava-clad Connor pull up in a van and violently kidnap him right in front of her.

He tells Mandy that if she wants to see Paul alive again, she has to pay him £4,000 by tomorrow. With everyone skint, Mandy and a distraught Vinny struggle to round up the money.

The next day, having managed to raise a grand, they request more time and are told that they must pay the full amount in a lay-by tomorrow. Mandy swears she'll get Paul back and the following day Vinny, Liv and Lydia are all stunned as Mandy reveals a bag full of money.

Reluctant to tell them where the money has come from and with her cricket bat in hand, Mandy’s determined to bring Paul home, and Vinny insists on coming with her.

Vinny’s fears begin to rise when a van pulls up in the lay-by. Wearing a balaclava and disguising his voice, Connor slowly climbs out of the van.

Emmerdale continues Monday - Friday at 7pm and Thursdays at 8pm on ITV


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