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Manpreet in danger this Christmas in Emmerdale after discovering Meena's secrets

Will Meena kill her sister to keep her secrets?

Please note these spoilers are for Monday 20th to Friday 31st December

When Dawn's ex, Alex, turns up and introduces himself to Lucus as his real dad, he has an altercation with Billy and Meena stirs the pot about Dawn. Leaving Alex terrified for Lucas' welfare.

The next day, Meena accuses Dawn of neglecting Lucas and urges Alex to take him away. When she realises that they've disappeared, Dawn is terrified and Billy vows to help her find him.

As they share an emotional moment, Dawn can’t resist kissing him and he admits it's what he’s been waiting for. As they share their love for one another, Billy knows he has to tell Meena.

Stunned that Billy would dump her for Dawn, Meena drops a bombshell that leaves him gobsmacked - she's pregnant with his child! Whilst Dawn reassures Billy that Meena’s pregnancy won’t affect their relationship.

Manpreet's suspicious about the pregnancy and later stumbles across a social media page for Nadine’s sister, Carol - Meena's past victim - and apprehensively clicks the ‘send message’ button.

Meeting up with her, Manpreet is utterly floored to discover that Carol believes Meena murdered Nadine. Reeling from the discovery, Manpreet struggles with the idea that her sister is a murderer and initially regrets contacting Carol.

Later, Meena meets an unknown driver on the Main Street and exchanges cash for a dodgy package.

As the village celebrates Christmas, Meena reports Dawn to Social Services before a horrified Manpreet grabs Meena’s phone and kills the call.

Outraged to have been caught in the act, Meena decides to play the concerned neighbour and Manpreet appears to soften. But when Meena exits, Manpreets eyes narrow as she reassesses the situation.

Later, Meena attempts to cast doubt on Dawn’s parenting by planting heroin at Woodbine but is frustrated to have been interrupted by Manpreet, again.

As Meena tries to leave, Manpreet grabs her arm causing the heroin to fall to the ground. Demanding answers, Manpreet asks to see proof of her pregnancy.

Believing her sister has crossed a line, Meena darkens as Manpreet begins to realise that Carol may have been right all along.

Stalking Manpreet with a broken bottle, will Meena kill her sister to keep her secrets?

Elsewhere, when Meena’s disrupted by Noah, he spots Leanna’s ring on the floor and later steals it to give to Chloe as an early Christmas present.

After Manpreet persuades Priya to see a psychologist, she's later crushed to see Billy and Belle laughing together. And when Meena intercepts a very drunk Liam staggering home, she brings him back to her bedroom. Out for the count, Liam has been ensnared by Meena’s trap.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays plus Christmas Day and Boxing Day at 7pm on ITV

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