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Marie interrupts Leela and Joel's wedding as relations remain strained in Hollyoaks

Will they get their happy ever after?


With Arlo unhappy with Marie doubling down on his behaviour, Abe helps them bond, getting back into her good books.

His charm offensive continues with Cleo at the hospital and they are loved up again. But when Abe lets Arlo down on a trip out as he's upset and doesn’t want to see Marie on his own.

Keeping their secret nuptials all to themselves, Leela and Joel are all loved up but feel cramped by Marie and plan to invite their friends to a lunch that will be a surprise wedding.

Meanwhile, Liberty and Joel have colluded on a surprise song for the wedding and over a manicure, Marie squeezes out of Liberty that Joel and Leela are planning a wedding.

As Marie and Leela clash over the secret wedding, Leela throws Marie out following a slap and finds an unlikely confidante in Cleo. And Liberty blames herself ahead of the big day tomorrow.

Later at The Dog, Marie, Abe and Joel have a mini stag do, but relations remain strained.

As their wedding day arrives, Joel wakes up hungover in The Dog and Leela worries if the wedding is on or off.

Meanwhile, Peri is livid that Leela didn’t tell her that the ‘lunch’ is in fact a wedding and other villagers knew before her.

Abe and Marie are suspicious to see Cleo talking to Joel on the City Walls and later at the McQueens, Marie tells Abe that Leela isn’t right for Joel.

As the guests arrive at The Dog, Joel and Leela reconcile and the wedding is all set to go ahead until Marie turns up, throwing another spanner in the works. Will Leela and Joel get their happy ever after?

Later, Tony gives Abe an unhelpful run through of Cleo’s exes.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays to Fridays at 7pm on E4 with first look episodes available weekdays at 7.30pm on Channel 4 streaming


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