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Marlon discovers the truth from Rhona about Marcus in Emmerdale

Can their relationship be saved? And is Marcus about to leave the village for good?

With time running out for Rhona to tell Marlon the truth about Marcus’s identity, things get more complicated when Marcus informs Rhona that she’s been named in Pierce’s will.

When Kim stops by to speak with Rhona, she's rattled as she learns of Marcus’s identity. Despite Rhona doing her best to explain everything about Pierce and Marcus, Kim can’t believe what she’s hearing.

As Kim heads off, Marlon is confused as he catches only the tail-end of the confrontation and Rhona is forced to finally come clean. Stunned, Marlon leaves needing time to digest everything that he’s just been told. Leaving Rhona fearing for their relationship.

The next day, Marlon tells Paddy that he’s unsure if he’ll ever be able to forgive Rhona and when Marlon and Rhona cross paths, there’s a war of words. Insulting Marlon's ego, she accuses him of victim shaming her, leaving him hurt.

Overseeing, Marcus pleads with him to not take his anger over Pierce out on Rhona. Struck deep by Marcus' words, will Marlon want to reconcile?

Meanwhile, Rhona’s hellbent on making things right between her and Marlon and decides to propose to him.

Following Pierce's will reading, Marcus sees no point in hanging around the village any longer. Regretful, Ethan suggests a meet up before Marcus leaves, but Marcus rejects the offer.

Later, Ethan attempts to secure another date with Marcus, but as his attempts continue to fall flat, the next day he's encouraged when Rhona and Marlon both give him their approval in pursuing a relationship with Marcus.

Will he be able to get Marcus to change his mind before he turns his back on the village for good?

Emmerdale continues weeknights at 7pm and Thursdays at 8pm on ITV


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