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MARRIAGE DOUBTS in Emmerdale as Sandra plays a nasty game with Liv

Can Sandra convince Liv that something is going on between Gabby and Vinny?

When Sandra sees Vinny and Gabby acting playfully together, her mind whirs and later that day, plants seeds of doubt in Liv’s head, questioning her asexuality and the issues it might cause in her marriage.

As Liv eyes Vinny and Gabby talking, Sandra is pleased when the interaction seems to fuel Liv’s doubts. The next day, Gabby’s surprised when Sandra mentions that Liv and Vinny are having issues.

When Gabby offers to speak to Vinny, Sandra is thrilled that her plan is working and back at Mill Cottage, Liv’s thrown when Gabby comes over to speak to Vinny.

Using the opportunity to drop poison, Sanda questions Gabby’s true intentions with Vinny and is pleased when she sees a flicker of unease from Liv.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV


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