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Martine starts to make amends with Felix in Hollyoaks as they go on a date

But will Lisa get in her way?

After dressing to the nines to meet Felix for a coffee, Walter hopes Martine can be trusted to be strong around him. But as Martine and Felix get on well, just like before, Felix may prove too hard for her to resist.

But when Martine begins to give him the cold shoulder, Felix asks Mitchell to find out what's changed since their coffee date. After saying how ‘fit’ Felix is, Lisa notices how sad Walter is about his broken family.

As Celeste and Toby continue to plot, Celeste makes contact with Felix’s old cell mate and plans to find out more about their dad. Only they're interrupted when Lisa turns up to invite them to the Deveraux’s.

When only Toby shows up, things get awkward as he tries to find common ground with Walter who invites him and Celeste to to his Good Friday service tomorrow to build more bridges.

After noticing how sad Walter is about his broken family, Lisa tries to help as she sweet talks Toby. But as Lisa begins to feel excluded by the Deverauxs, she's dealt some harsh words by Martine and heads to The Loft where she bumps into Felix.


Hollyoaks continues Monday 20th and Tuesday 21st April at 6.30pm on Channel 4


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