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Matty is shocked when Amy proposes in Emmerdale

But is it all part of her plan to get full custody of Kyle?

Failing to hide his inner conflict, Matty asks Amy if sole custody of Kyle is the best thing for him and she tries to stay strong for a terrified Kyle ahead of his hearing.

Ahead of his son's hearing, Cain feels powerless and strong-arms his way into Keepers to see Kyle, leaving Amy fuming at his intrusion.

Seeing how important it is for Cain and Kyle to share a moment, Caleb persuades Amy to relent and everyone is left on tenterhooks when Kyle’s solicitor phones with big news.

Later, Amy spontaneously proposes to Matty and Moira is delighted to hear about the proposal however she can’t help noticing his unease and Matty confesses his fear that it was part of Amy’s plan to get full custody of Kyle.

Raging at Matty’s news regarding Amy’s custody intentions, Moira later desperately tries to calm Cain as he bangs on Amy’s door, desperate to shout the odds over her plan to get full custody of Kyle.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV1


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