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Matty struggles to cope and is put in danger in Emmerdale

Until Moira turns up with a loaded gun. But will she save the day?

Whilst Matty worries that he's not going to be able to manage Butlers alone, Cain is concerned that there has been talk of rustlers in the area and asks Sam to help Matty out.

But when Matty refuses his help, he instead asks Vinny for his help and we see a group of rustlers surveying Butlers from a distance.

When Vinny leaves for a day, Matty checks the lock on the barn door, oblivious to the danger he’s in and the next day, from a distance we see the rustlers again.

Later, when Matty and Amy arrive back, they notice that some sheep have escaped. When Amy suggests they ring Cain, Matty doesn't want to and once they're confronted by one of the Rustlers, Matty and Amy leg it - only to find themselves surrounded by a whole group of them.

Moira intervenes holding a loaded gun and she’s not to be messed with. But will she save the day? 


These episodes of Emmerdale will air Monday 10th - Friday 14th February at 7pm with an extra episode on Thursday at 8pm on ITV


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