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Maxine is violently attacked in Hollyoaks after a night out

With a special episode following her long walk home.

In the coming week, Hollyoaks will explore women’s safety with a series of special episodes focusing on Maxine’s journey home after a night out and ending in her being violently attacked.

Having suffered a loss in customers from the female boycott, Tony draws up plans to host a ‘Ladies Night’ at The Dog and enlists Eric’s help.

As Maxine, Theresa, Verity and Zoe continue their boycott of the local bars, clubs and pubs, they set their sights on a night out in Liverpool.

However, things soon get messy when Verity sneaks a secret hip flask into the club and the girls remove their spiking bracelets.

Later, Maxine’s separation from the group shockingly slips under the radar when she’s thrown out of the club and Theresa and Verity mistake her for someone else...

Meanwhile, Tom arranges a boy's night out with Romeo, Prince and Shaq at The Dog as they intend to catch the mystery spiker in the act. But when a lack of women causes the boys to turn to drink, Eric makes sure to keep the drinks flowing.

And after worrying about Theresa’s safety, Romeo goes in search of her but is met with a frosty reception when he arrives.

During a special episode on Tuesday titled The Long Walk Home, Maxine Minniver finds herself navigating her way home alone without her mobile or money after a fun girl’s night out, ending in her being violently attacked.

The episode sees her examine whether different choices she had made during the evening could have changed the outcome.

In parallel, Romeo, also out in the city, travels back to Chester with a hen party he meets on his journey.

Meanwhile, Diane turns up to the pub and joins Eric, Tom and Beau for a drink. But as the group discuss the girls’ night out in Liverpool, the difference in opinion highlights the sheer worries that women face.

As her vicious attack makes front page news, Maxine faces uncertainty about what to tell Minnie about her injuries.

Later, a furious Lizzie jumps to her sister’s defence when she faces scrutiny from Eric for being out late at night by herself. But will she get her point across?

Haunted by flashbacks, Romeo tries to help Maxine with her dropped shopping, resulting in a heartbreaking reaction.

Determined to reclaim her power, Maxine organises a meeting at The Dog to make a tearful declaration. And in an empowering scene, the women of Hollyoaks challenge certain men’s passive thinking when it comes to the issues women face on a daily basis.

Feeling guilty for their lack of action, Tony comes up with an idea to deliver a message from the men of Hollyoaks. But will it be well received by all the villagers?

Meanwhile, could Eric have another sinister plan up his sleeve as he lands a job at The Loft?

Hollyoaks continues Mondays to Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4 with first look episodes available weekday mornings on All4 and weekday evenings at 7pm on E4


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