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Maxine's hopes of romance are dashed when her mother Trish turns up in Hollyoaks

But after learning of "the night before" will Trish stick by her man or side with her daughter?

Maxine is smitten with newcomer, Brad, after she notices him checking her out and feels like her life is on the up. But she quickly starts to worry that she'll lose her home when she finds out that he's her new landlord.

Spiralling at the thought of being kicked out of her flat, Brad reassures Maxine that he just wanted an excuse to see her again and promises that her and Minnie can stay in their home. After sharing a steamy snog, Maxine is on could nine about her new love interest.

Looking forward to seeing Brad again, Maxine is stunned when her mum, Trish - played by Denise Welch - turns up in the village. However, she's not here to visit her daughter. She's arrived to track down her boyfriend... Brad!

Wanting to tell her mum exactly what her and Brad got up to last night, Trish accuses Maxine of stirring. Whilst it's clear that Trish and Maxine aren't close, it seems they're going to be spending a lot more time together after Trish reveals that her and Brad are moving to Hollyoaks.

Left fuming, Maxine is persuaded by Theresa to give her mum a chance... but as she suffers her way through a boozy afternoon at The Dog with her mum and Brad, was that the right advice?

Hollyoaks continues Mondays - Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4


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