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Maxine washes her hands of Warren in Hollyoaks after he makes her feel cheap

But will she give him a second chance?

Sienna is furious at Maxine for letting Warren see the kids without her permission. When she later confronts Warren, he turns the tables and says he’s going to get the best solicitor so he can fight for custody of his children.

When his blackmailer, Katja, returns, Fergus finds himself in deep water after she demands a large sum of money to buy her silence.

Later, Fergus calls Warren and tells him that a mystery person has evidence of the laptop heist and is demanding money, and there’s only one way out. Warren agrees to silence the blackmailer for good, to save himself and Fergus going to prison. But when it comes to it, will he go through with it?

Worried he's going to be sent down, Warren mends loose ends, but after apologising to Maxine for the way he has treated her, he makes her feel like a cheap one-night stand and when he meets with Felix to try and make amends, Fergus interrupts them with some news.

Later, Maxine is shocked to discover Warren has been lying to her for weeks and washes her hands of him. But when she overhears Trish telling Warren he’s better off without her, Maxine considers giving Warren a second chance after he defends her to Trish and confesses his love for her.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays - Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4


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