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Meena breaks into Victoria's in Emmerdale

Is Victoria in danger? And will Meena get caught?

Having stolen some keys from Amy, when the coast is clear, Meena lets herself in and starts to mess with Victoria’s things until she hears the front door go and Victoria enters.

Grabbing a nearby paperweight, Meena is prepared to use it and manages to stay out of sight, but her phone buzzes at just the wrong time and realising someone’s in the house, Vic rushes out threatening to call the police.

Unphased, Meena calmly heads for the back door and on Main Street, Manpreet explains to Meena that Aiesha’s been taken into hospital in Ibiza, and is in critical condition.

As Manpreet begs for Meena’s help, Meena struggles to tear herself away from keeping an eye on David and Vic.

Later at The Woolpack, Meena continues to keep an eye on Vic as she briefs PC. Swirling on the break-in.

Chas and Victoria are suspicious about Meena’s reluctance to do the right thing by Manpreet and Aiesha and David tries to convince her she should be there for her sister.

Then Vic’s paperweight falls out of Meena’s bag in front of David! Will she be able to cover or will David notice it?

Emmerdale continues weeknights at 7pm and Thursdays at 8pm on ITV


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