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Meena's plotting continues as David finds himself in danger in Emmerdale

And her actions leave Vic feeling unsettled.

Jacob and Priya are alarmed when David collapses after over-exerting himself and Priya offers to move in with him.

The next day, Meena arrives back and sees some suitcases and a chef’s hat by the front door. Feeling sure these belong to Victoria, Meena readies herself to throttle her rival. However, Meena’s taken aback when Priya comes outside, disproving her paranoia.

At the Hide, Carl fires a cap gun at David, throwing him into a terrifying flashback of the siege and David and Vic share a tender moment as she helps him. But the mood is shattered when Meena arrives and forbids Victoria from calling in on David again. As Meena’s tone turns more possessive and threatening, Vic is unsettled.

With David having been prescribed super-strong painkillers to ease the discomfort of his injury, Meena tells David to let her control his medication from now on- clearly planning something.

Later, Meena does her best to trigger David's anxiety as she makes him relive the events of The Hide siege. Smiling to herself as she replaces David’s extra-strength painkillers with paracetamol, Meena is pleased to have him just where she wants him.

Emmerdale continues weeknights at 7pm and Thursdays at 8pm on ITV


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