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Meena's trial begins in Emmerdale as a verdict is delivered

Will she be found guilty?

As Meena's trial begins, the village is on tenterhooks and tension spikes when Meena enters the courtroom, basking in the spotlight.

Finally ready to testify, Liam is thrown off-guard by Meena’s faux meekness and the jury appear sympathetic to his devastation as he fights tears on the stand.

But as the defence begin their onslaught of accusations, Liam’s blindsided when he’s accused of conducting an affair with Meena.

Aggravated by her feigned vulnerability, Liam’s rage gets the better of him as he lashes out at Meena and he worries his outburst may have lost him the support of the jury.

The next day, despite dreading the day ahead, Manpreet's resolute in her determination to destroy her sister in court.

Meanwhile, in prison, prison officer Ian’s conflicted when against his better instincts, he finds himself flirting with Meena.

Once in court, Manpreet refuses to let Meena’s performance rattle her as she takes the stand to testify against her sister. As the defence delves deep into Manpreet’s past, it's a tough ordeal as they attempt to portray her as a seasoned liar.

And Manpreet is infuriated to see her gloating sister relishing the spectacle.

Later, Meena’s high spirits are dampened when she’s advised against taking the stand. Eager to allow her ego the limelight, Meena rejects this advice and excitedly prepares for tomorrow by rehearsing her lines in her cell.

Taking the stand, Meena’s utterly convincing in playing the part of a meek victim, delivering the performance of a lifetime to an enthralled jury.

Later, the court is consumed in agonising tension as they await the verdict and the next day, the shocking events of yesterday’s trial hit the morning news.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV

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