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Michael is accused by the police of working with Stephen to bring down Underworld in Corrie

But when Ed's gambling habit makes things worse, will Ed come clean?

Having placed Michael’s £1000 on a horse, Ed watches the race on tenterhooks and punches the air in delight when the horse wins!

Arriving home, Ed stuffs the cash in a bag in the hallway to hide it from Dee-Dee and Michael. Unaware go its contents, Michael grabs the bag as he heads out to Underworld to try and get his job back.

When DS Swain arrives and wants to interview him about the cash Stephen stole, Michael is stunned and having answered her questions, opens his bag and is baffled to find a huge wad of cash.

Clocking the money, DS Swain, demands to know where it came from and Ed is horrified to see Michael being taken away in a police car under suspicion of working with Stephen to defraud Underworld. Will Ed come clean?

As Ed becomes agitated with Ronnie questioning him about the mate who lent him money, Ronnie suspects he’s been gambling for longer than he’s letting on.

Confronting Ed, Ronnie demands he tell him the truth and Ed admits he had a win on the horses but swears that he’s done with gambling and it won’t happen again. And Joel is uneasy when Dee-Dee confides how Ed used to have a gambling problem which almost split the family up, but assures him it's all in the past.

As Ed and Ronnie meet up with the potential investor in the bistro, they're impressed with Ronnie’s sales spiel and agree to go ahead. And Ronnie orders Champagne all round.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1


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