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Mick's death 'confirmed' in EastEnders as Linda's mother Elaine makes a surprise arrival

With Elaine now co-owner of The Vic, how will Sharon and the Panesars react?

As the Panesars continue to operate as though they've got the deal done, Linda struggles to be honest with Sharon about her plans for The Vic.

When Mick's ‘Presumption of Death’ certificate arrives, Linda breaks down. Overhearing, Suki tells Nish that there are no more obstacles to them sealing The Vic deal. However, Linda gets on the phone with a mystery caller and explains that she's only keeping Nish and Suki on the hook until they've got the cash sorted.

As Sharon rallies to support her, explaining Mick's death to a confused Ollie, Linda feels awful and admits to Alfie that she's been lying to Sharon and Nish to keep them sweet in case her mystery buyer doesn't come through.

When Nish and Suki sweep in with their associates to show off their new acquisition, Linda bursts their bubble by explaining she's pulling out of the deal. Whilst Suki is furious, Nish mly walks away, saying it's just business.

But things go from bad to worse when Linda finally comes clean to Sharon and a huge fight breaks out. As Sharon rages at Linda's betrayal, the doors of The Vic are thrown open and the new co-owner of the Vic walks in. It's Elaine, Linda's mum!

As the fallout of Elaine’s return continues, she quickly makes her presence felt at The Vic, charming some punters and putting others in their place.

Alfie advises Linda to go after Sharon to try and desperately mend the friendship they had. And after some persuading, Sharon agrees to hear Linda out, but hopes of reconciliation may be futile.

And Nish's intimidation tactics don't work with Elaine who together with Linda, is later ratted to hear noises in the night. As they head downstairs, they find The Vic bar being trashed by mystery intruders with a glass flamingo that Nish previously gifted Linda pointedly left on the bar.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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