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Mike and Esther throw Summer a lifeline in Corrie after finding out the truth

Can Billy stop Summer from being their surrogate?

When Mike and Esther insist on dropping Summer at the hospital for her scan, they agree to wait outside.

But when Summer and Aaron play for time in the hospital, Mike suddenly appears at their side and announces he should attend the scan with Summer. And they brace themselves to tell Mike the truth.

The next day, desperate to raise the £10K to pay back Mike, Summer calls Billy, Todd and Paul together and reveals that she and Aaron plan to go travelling for a year and need £10K.

Sceptical, Billy, Todd and Paul quiz Summer about her plans and Mike and Esther tell Summer and Aaron that they’d be willing to forget the £10k and give them even more money if Summer will agree to be a surrogate for their baby.

Determined to stop Summer from committing to the surrogacy plan at any cost, Billy summons Mike and Esther and tries to lay down the law. But when Mike points out that the decision is Summer’s, not his, Billy reveals he intends to report them to the police. How will Summer react?

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV


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