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Misbah finally snaps in Hollyoaks as Sami tries to stop Shaq from making a huge mistake

What does this all mean for the Maaliks going forward?

Dee Valley Law is sponsoring a hospital ball to celebrate the medical staff and Ali is being commended for his latest research grant. Someone needs to give his introductory speech and Shaq is convinced that Misbah should be the one to do it. But will she be able to stick to the script?

As the tension continues to brew in her household, Misbah struggles to keep her cool as Ali divides her and Shaq. It seems Imran’s university secret is making him more distant too.

At lunch, Ali coaxes Shaq into drinking with him and encourages him to act on his feelings for Verity despite the potential for Sami being hurt so he heads to Verity’s, drunk and hoping that his brazenness will pay off.

On Thursday, in what promises to be some powerful scenes, Misbah slowly begins to come to terms with the devastating events of her past and struggles with the idea of speaking at the medical ball. With a series of flashbacks, Misbah’s past is coming to the fore.

In the midst of her speech, she finally snaps leaving the ball in hysterics and leaving the crowd and her concerned family in shock.

At home and confronted by Yazz, it seems that she might finally be ready to admit the horrid truth behind her past with Ali.

The next day, the Maaliks discuss their next steps after some shocking truths were revealed yesterday and when Ali meets with Cleo to give her an offer that she simply can’t refuse, onlooker Misbah is forced to make a decision.

Meanwhile, Verity tells Sami about Shaq’s visit and asks him to leave it alone, but will he be able to keep quiet as he watches Shaq ply himself with more alcohol?

Catching up with an out-of-control Shaq, will Sami be able to stop him from making a huge mistake that could have far-reaching implications for the entire Maalik family?

Hollyoaks continues Mondays - Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4


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