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Misbah's confession drives Shaq away in Hollyoaks as he searches for the truth

But will he find out the true identity of his dad?

The Maaliks try a softer approach to get Misbah to tell the truth and plan a family dinner.

Meanwhile, at work, Misbah is sued for gross misconduct as a work investigation begins and Toby accidentally gets his girlfriend, Cleo, in more trouble when he accidentally shows Peri a picture that could be used against her in the investigation. But will Peri report it?

Downbeat, Misbah confides in Shaq about feeling as though her life is out of control, and he gives her the boost she needs to confront Ali.

At the Maaliks, foot in mouth syndrome runs rampant as Sami confronts Shaq, who gets the wrong end of the stick, resulting in him revealing a much bigger secret. And Misbah's attempts to protect Shaq prove difficult and Verity finds herself in the hot seat.

Later, feeling out of options, Misbah has a confession to make and Cleo has to explain herself to Ali. He suspends her until the investigation is over and Cleo confronts the person who showed Ali the incriminating picture.

Shocked by the latest developments, Shaq spends a night away from the Maaliks, unsure where to turn and determined to find out the full truth.

As Misbah’s kids demand answers, Shaq tries to find out the identity of his dad by fishing through old photos but gets the wrong end of the stick when he thinks all is forgiven between him and Sami.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays - Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4

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