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Moira asks Kim to make her an offer to buy Butlers in Emmerdale

Will Caleb's plan work?

With Kim fully on board with Caleb’s plan to convince Moira to sell them Butlers, Caleb continues to be an interested observer of Moira’s financial hardship.

Meanwhile, Nicky is left stressed after several erroneous attempts to enter Kim’s password almost lock her laptop and tells Caleb they need to find another way.

Standing in a field at Butlers, Cain and Moria stare out into the distance. And Cain is left in shock when she emotionally admits defeat in her battle to keep the farm afloat as Caleb watches on from a distance.

Later, Cain is wary when Cain arrives at Moira’s request, suggesting he’s found her a possible way out. But when he moots the idea of selling her farmland to Kim Tate for the stud farm, Moira is unimpressed.

Swallowing her pride, Moira tells Kim to make her an offer for her land.

Later, at the Rear of the Woolie, Caleb’s contact Adrian provides him with USB sticks that will enable him to install malware on Kim’s laptop and obtain her passwords.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV1

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