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Moira TERRIFIED in Emmerdale as Faith decides to end her own life

How involved will Moira be?

Relieved that Moira hasn't told Cain about her plan to end her own life, Faith is still seemingly determined for a resistant Moira to help her at the end.

When Faith’s health takes another downward turn Moira is troubled to see she is running out of time and later Faith’s overwhelmed when Moira relents and agrees to be by her side at the end. Torn, Moira sobs and hopes she’s made the right choice.

The next day, Moira’s awkward when Cain’s insistent on planning hospice care for Faith knowing she won’t need it. And when Faith plans a day of fun for everyone, the atmosphere is tarnished, due to Chas and Cain’s persistence with the chat about planning for the hospice. Leaving Faith feeling guilty about her deception.

Alone, Moira asks Faith to share her plans for her death, but Faith replies that she can’t do that as it will implicate her as assisting suicide is a crime.

With Faith insistent that she wants to be able to choose the moment and have some control over her death, Moira is terrified by the reality of what she’s agreed to.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV


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