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Motherland returning for a Christmas special

School’s out for the festive season so the mums and Kevin are busy prepping for the ultimate in blended Christmas celebrations in a brand new special called Last Christmas.

It’s a full house at Julia’s with an influx of grandparents demanding endless cups of tea, as they play with a VR headset Paul bought “for the kids”.

Julia has invited Kevin along too after learning that his alternative was dining on turkey crisps from the hotel vending machine in the company of the other divorced dads. Kevin excitedly offers to whip up a full-on Persian feast.

Liz also turns up when her ex cancels following a massive Christmas Eve bender, letting her down on his first-ever offer to host.

Meanwhile, Amanda is spending Christmas Day with Johnny, the kids and Johnny’s new wife Tamara. Which is fine. Really fine. It’s fine. Amanda’s mother Felicity, played by Joanna Lumley, has been invited too and jumps at the chance to revel in the awkward atmosphere.

The contrast with Christmas at Anne’s house couldn’t be starker; Anne is hosting her mammy and the cousins, all 29 of them, and is beside herself with excitement.

Despite their enduring love match, Meg’s husband Bill buys her a present so dire that it has her questioning whether he really knows her at all. She gets stuck into the plentiful supply of booze she’s bought for the day but regrets the drunken results when something really shocking happens over the road at Julia’s.

Motherland is written by Sharon Horgan, Holly Walsh, Helen Serafinowicz and Barunka O'Shaughnessy.

Motherland: Last Christmas will air this Christmas on BBC One


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