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Nadira puts wedding plans on hold in Hollyoaks as sparks fly with Juliet

Is Shaq about to call off the wedding?

Fuelled by his motivation to have a lavish wedding, Shaq makes a risky financial decision. As well as pawning a family heirloom for James’ investment scheme, Shaq also buys a truck load of football memorabilia.

As Shaq opens up to Misbah about why this wedding is so important to him, Nadira receives some good news.

However, the celebrations are short lived when Nadira puts the brakes on the wedding planning, insisting they get to know each other better first. As Shaq does everything he can to push forward with the wedding, will Nadira back down?

After helping Peri revise for her nursing exam, Juliet ends up bickering with Peri after a comment from Ste is taken the wrong way. And as Nadira confides in Juliet, they're saved by the bell when a heated moment is interrupted by a text message.

Returning home, Nadira is shocked to discover her dad there and has some explaining to do when it's revealed that he didn't know about her engagement.

Meanwhile, Juliet supports Peri as she prepares to take her nursing exam and after bumping into her in the village, Juliet also supports Nadira as she panics about her future. As sparks fly between the pair, Juliet urges her to open up about what she wants before making a heart-breaking decision.

As Juliet struggles to decipher another stolen moment with Nadira, Peri is concerned to spot Juliet's missing jacket on the Maalik's coat rack and comes to a shocking conclusion. Worried about her relationship with Juliet, Peri confides in Ste about her suspicions and together, they come up with a sneaky plan to discover the truth. But will it work?

Troubled by something he's seen, Shaq questions Nadira’s commitment to him. Will he call off the wedding? And after receiving some heartfelt advice from her dad, reminding her to do what makes her happy, a troubled Nadira makes a drastic decision about her future.

And after Juliet decides to cut ties with Nadira completely, is it really the end?

Hollyoaks continues Mondays to Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4 with first look episodes available weekday mornings on All4 and weekday evenings at 7pm on E4


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