Nancy finds out that Ella killed Jordan in Hollyoaks

What will she do with this information? Is Mandy about to be caught out?

Returning from her holiday, Mandy is full steam ahead with the wedding planning, despite her future husband’s child being in youth custody for a murder her child committed.

When her ex-husband Luke, begs her to put the brakes on the wedding and come clean, unlucky for Mandy, Nancy arrives just in time to overhear their conversation.

Mandy is left scrambling for words when Nancy confronts her over what she’s just heard.

Meanwhile, scared Ella is frantic when receives a letter from Charlie, who’s planning to tell the truth about the night Jordan was killed. As Mandy tries to protect her and Ella, there's no denying that the net is closing in.

Elsewhere, Damon puts Liberty’s name forward to play at Mandy and Darren’s wedding, but when she auditions for Darren, the nerves get the better of her.

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