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Nancy is determined to know the truth from Ella about the night Jordan died in Hollyoaks

But how far is Mandy prepared to go to protect her daughter?

As the day of Charlie’s hearing arrives, he wants to plead guilty, but Nancy worries that people will soon guess that Charlie is the unnamed minor who killed Jordan and is forced to confess to Diane.

When Diane brings up Finn - who was guilty - and how hard he tried to convince everyone that he was innocent, Nancy knows that Charlie is hiding something and plans to speak to Ella about what really happened that night.

Nancy reckons she knows that Ella is hiding something from that night, but Mandy won't let her speak to her daughter. But when her and Darren have an appointment at the bank, they ask Tony to look after Ella.

Only, he's too busy with the restaurant and Nancy takes her off his hands. Will she discover the truth? Back at home, Mandy goes to more drastic lengths to protect Ella.

After being conned by Kurt, Tony offers to help Mandy and Darren keep their flat by releasing some money from the restaurant. However, after her latest act of sabotage, Mandy panics when Nancy storms into The Hutch wanting answers!

Elsewhere, feeling increasingly responsible for bringing Jordan and Victor to the village, Sid is still determined to gather evidence on Victor. But as he waits for a drug deal, Nancy storms over to him, blaming him for everything and shocks everyone with her actions. And Victor threatens Sid to repay him for the drugs he lost.

When Darren worries about Nancy, Mandy shows her insecurities and Ste decides to make Nancy pay for what she did to Sid. And after being called out as a negligent parent by Courtney, Nancy starts to blame herself for the year they’ve had, but Darren reassures her that she’s not to blame.

After choosing to protect Nancy over securing his future with Mandy, Darren defends his decision, promising Mandy that he’ll make things right for them.

Meanwhile, Trish finds Grace and Nancy arguing in the village and invites them for a drink with her and Maxine. However, drunk Nancy’s emotions run away with her when Darren takes her home.

Elsewhere, Luke thinks it’s time Mandy comes clean about Ella.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays - Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4


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