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Nancy is knocked unconscious in EastEnders after divorce is finalised

And as Frankie and Zack hide their guilt, will the truth come out?

After telling her parents she's officially divorced, Nancy later reveals to Linda that she's thinking about entering some weightlifting competitions as her mother offers her some moral support.

With Frankie feeling downbeat, Mick organises for Zack to take her on a driving lesson and when Frankie turns up dressed more for a date than a driving lesson, Sharon is surprised and Zack wants to drive to the pub.

Later, Zack's tipsy and Frankie, not used to driving in the dark, hits something and they panic as Nancy lies motionless in the street leaving them both horrified. Calling for an ambulance, Zack says he's found someone in the street unconscious.

When the police arrive, Zack recounts his story and is plagued by guilt as Mick and Linda arrive at A&E. With Nancy still unconscious, Frankie and Shirley arrive and Frankie is distraught.

But Zack reminds her that if the truth comes out, they could go to prison so they must pray that Nancy doesn’t remember anything when she comes round.

As Mick preps for the Euro party, Frankie is left feeling nervous after Jack arrives with a lead on Nancy's case. Later, Jack tells Frankie and Mick that the security footage lead has gone cold.

EastEnders continues Mondays with all episodes available on iPlayer ahead of being shown on BBC One

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