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Nate rejects Chloe's advances in Emmerdale after she stays the night at his

Where does this leave things with Noah?

When Moira finds Nate and Ryan very drunk early in the afternoon, she's concerned for Nate's wellbeing.

Later after getting cosy with Chloe in the pub, Nate’s embarrassed that she stayed the night at his and tries to dodge her attempts to spend more time together.

Noah catches Chloe on Main Street, heading home from Nate’s and when she refuses to go for a drink with him, he’s angered by the lack of reward for his apology.

Later, a foul-tempered Nate snaps at Chloe as she flirtatiously teases him at Butlers Farm and when she enquires about working on the farm, he worries that his secrets may be about to unravel.

Firmly rejecting Chloe’s advances, Nate is aware that things have gone too far already and Chloe’s upset to have been so savagely rejected.

When she bumps into Noah, the atmosphere between the pair thaws as Noah does his best to lift her spirits. And whilst Chloe is heartened by their interaction, Noah slyly resolves to play his cards carefully.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV

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