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Navin Chowdhry joins EastEnders as Panesar patriarch Nish Panesar

Navin is currently filming scenes set to air this autumn.

Taking on the role of the incarcerated Panesar patriarch Nish Panesar, Navin Chowdhry will make his EastEnders on-screen debut and on the surface, he's both char,omg and charismatic. But we will soon see that underneath is ice-cold, manipulative, and driven by a need for power and respect.

Emerging from a 20-year stretch behind bars, Nish is determined to rule the roost and rekindle his marriage to Suki and his family, but will his family accept him back into the fold, or will they realise the man he really is?

One thing is for sure, Nish’s return spells trouble and not just for the Panesars.

On joining EastEnders, Navin said "It’s been great – everyone has been lovely. My role at the moment has been focused around the Panesar family, but everyone has been extremely welcoming. I’ve never worked on a show like EastEnders, so it’s been a new experience for me; but I loved the storylines and I’ve got a keen interest in this family because there’s so much happening at all times!"

"Nish is an interesting character – slightly unconventional, and with that brings drama, and mayhem. I think there’s a good man under there but turmoil follows these guys [the Panesar’s] around so I'm excited to join in and set off a few more explosions and fireworks."

To which Executive Producer, Chris Clenshaw, added "The spectre of Nish Panesar is finally here, and it’s been a pleasure welcoming Navin to the cast, and take to the role so effortlessly; he brings something to the character that none of us could’ve predicted. His dynamic on and off-screen, and we’re excited to see where his character develops as the story grows.”

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One

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