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Nicky's plan backfires as he gets into a fight with Cain in Emmerdale

Will Caleb intervene?

After picking the garage lock, Nick heads inside and manically searches for the keys to the Audi Cain is working on. But as he does so, he's shocked to see stone-faced Cain standing behind him.

They exchange words and Cain retaliates with a punch to the stomach. Reeling over in pain, Nicky glances up at Caleb who refuses to intervene.

Furious, Nicky snatches a spanner from the side but Cain instinctively throws a hard punch into Nicky’s face.

Later, in the Woolpack for Moira's birthday, Moira can tell from Cain’s demeanour that he isn’t in a celebratory mood. Feeling disappointed in himself, Cain discloses why he’s late. Whilst Cain dwells on his actions, Moira reassures him that he’s making progress with his anger.

Meanwhile, in the Woolpack beer garden, Caleb’s fuming as Nicky admits he wanted to steal the car and curtly reminds him that he's to stay in his lane. Whilst Nicky seethes with resentment, Caleb interrogates Nicky about where he was last night and he confesses he was with someone.

Desperate to get away from his dad, Nicky hurries Gabby off to the Woolpack for food as Caleb seethes. Later, in the Woolpack, Naomi puts Nicky under the spotlight, revealing to Gabby and Will that Nicky had a fight with Cain.

Elsewhere, when Chas asks him to move into the Woolpack, Caleb is left hoping he’s made the right decision by agreeing.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV1

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