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Nicola and Jimmy are heartbroken ahead of Angel's sentencing in Emmerdale

How will they react when Brenda fails to submit a witness statement?


Nicola and Jimmy are heartbroken for Angel when her Youth Justice Worker tells them they have no choice but to recommend she receive a custodial sentence.

Receiving the date for Angel's sentencing, Nicola and Jimmy are devastated that the time they have left with her is so short.

As Nicola and Brenda discuss the impact the crash has had on both of their families, Brenda offers to give a witness statement for Angel, leaving Nicola moved by her friend's compassion.

Over at the B&B, a defeated Bob hears Jimmy out, but despite his touching speech, Bob is unable to forgive him. And Jimmy offloads onto Will, aware that he's been through something similar with Dawn.

Meanwhile, after being given some tough love by Brenda, Bob lashes out at Cathy and immediately regrets it.

Later, Jimmy and Nicola are both disappointed to learn that Brenda missed the submission deadline and there's nothing more they can do.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV1

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