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Nicola fears for Angel's life after horror crash in Emmerdale

And Tom struggles as he finds out the truth from Jimmy and Belle. Could this be the end of him and Belle?

As Belle starts to plot a way to get Tom and Jimmy together, things seem to be going well between the uncle and nephew until Jimmy accidentally reveals Carl’s patricide.

Devastated and unable to deal with the information, Tom leaves hurriedly and struggles to process the news that his dad murdered his grandad.

As Belle consoles him, she starts to worry about his reaction to her own dark past but remains determined to be open about her past with Tom.

Later at the Dingles, Belle confesses to accidentally killing Gemma and it's a lot for Tom to take in. As he hurriedly exits, Belle worries that telling him the truth has probably ruined everything between them.

In the Woolpack, with Tom still on edge after Belle’s confession, when Jimmy approaches him to defend Carl again the two men square up and Tom can't bear it as their argument continues to escalate.

Later, Nicola tells Jimmy he did the right thing by cutting Tom out of his life as his anguish over his nephew is now affecting the rest of his family and reminds him he needs to focus on them.

Following Jimmy’s failure to take her to the dentist, Angel appears outside Victoria cottage and Nicola hits the roof. Stressed to high heaven, she decides they can still make the appointment and orders her daughter to quickly get into the car.

But as they drive to the dentist, Nicola continues to rant at Angle and there's a horrifying impact when Nicola and Moira crash at an unsighted junction on the outskirts of the village.

In shock after the crash, Moira and Nicola reel at the sight of an unconscious Angel in the back of Nicola’s crushed car. Will she be OK?

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV1

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