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Nicola stops Bernice as she goes on the run after fraudulent debt is uncovered in Emmerdale

Will Bernice accept Nicola's deal and stop her going to the police?

Jimmy's shock and anger deepen as he discovers enforcement agents have seized their belongings due to a fraudulent twenty grand debt and the culprit Bernice is now seemingly on the run.

Meanwhile, Bob is aghast to learn she has neglected to pay suppliers whilst daughter Gabby is crestfallen over her mother's abandonment. And Jimmy confronts wife Nicola's reluctance to report Bernice's fraud.

When Cathy's casual attitude raises suspicions with Nicola, she's determined to find her sister who unbeknownst to her is hiding out in Brook Cottage, fearing prison if Nicola reports her.

Cathy secretly updates Bernice on the reaction on the outside and it's not long before Nicola finds her and blocks her escape. But at the last moment, Bernice stays, confessing the reason behind her fraud. But Nicola is hard-lined, she either accepts her deal or she'll go to the police.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV1


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