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Nicola takes control in Emmerdale as she posts video of her attack online

Will this help identify her attackers?

With Jimmy arriving home soon, Nicola knows she has to open up to him about the toll the attack has taken on her mental health.

Initially, Nicola avoids the conversation by turning up for work at the cafe, but before long, Jimmy reels from hearing Nicola’s confession and resolves to be there for her.

Feeling stronger for his support, back home Nicola shares the video of her attack, calling for information on her attackers. Despite feeling uneasy, Jimmy supports her decision.

With the video of her attack gaining more attention, Nicola is determined to bring the girls responsible down and Bernice is shocked to see Nicola has posted the video of her attack online.

Soon, Nicola is armed with the name of one of her attackers and calls PC Swirling with the update.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV


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