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Nish brings marriage blessing forward in EastEnders

But with Eve in attendance and Nish's growing jealousy, will all go to plan?

Due to a change in schedule, Nish tells Suki that their marriage blessing ceremony has been bought forward to Thursday and Suki tries to stall, insisting that it’s too short notice. However, Nish pushes forward with rearranging the day.

Later, when the tap in the Panesar home breaks, Suki is forced to call Mitch for help. After they confide in each other about the stresses of family life, a softened Suki offers Mitch a permanent job as a handyman for their tenants. And watching from across the Square, Nish is jealous as Mitch leaves No.41.

With the help of a loan, Stacey and Eve re-open the bap van to raise some much-needed cash, but when Nish accosts Eve whilst she is working to ask her to pick up Suki’s wedding outfit, Stacey is left to serve their customers single-handedly and chaos ensues.

After some harsh words with Eve, an enraged Stacey heads to the Minute Mart and threatens to reveal all if Suki doesn’t start treating Eve with respect.

When Nish invites Honey to the marriage blessing, both she and Suki are left feeling awkward.

Later at The Vic, a jealous Nish makes an ominous call to Ravi after Mitch accidentally reveals he has been helping Suki with their tenants.

Eve is unsure what to do when Nish invites her and the Slaters to the marriage blessing ceremony and at Walford East when Suki overhears Nish and Ravi talking about Mitch, the pair erupt into a furious row. And Suki nervously reassures Nish that he is the only man for her.

Later, in a last-minute attempt to win over Suki, Eve arrives at the Panesars and the pair argue. But their argument is cut short when they hear the front door slam! Who was it and what did they hear?

On the day of the marriage blessing, Suki is paranoid about who was eavesdropping on her conversation with Eve.

As Eve struggles to deal with her feelings, she attends the marriage blessing much to Suki’s horror.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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