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Nish is horrified when Priya passionately kisses him in EastEnders

As Suki plans to start a new life, will Eve join her?

As Priya and Ravi row at No.41, Suki shows signs of stress and exhaustion and a worried Ravi discovers she never picked up her prescription for anti-depressants from the doctor.

When Nish steps in to resolve a problem with Avani’s passport, a grateful Priya tells her daughter she will make sure he loves having them around. However, Nish is horrified when she passionately kisses him, especially when he realises Suki and Vinny are stood in the doorway!

When Suki accuses him of enjoying the kiss, Nish is appalled and tells Priya to pack her bags.

Later, at the Minute Mart, Suki is cut deep to see Eve happy with her new lady, Tessa and convinces Nish to give Priya another chance so they can keep their granddaughter close, knowing that having lots of family around will mean she doesn’t have to be alone with him.

When Vinny privately questions Suki on being so forgiving, she lets rip about the depth of her unhappiness in her marriage and how much she hates Nish.

Devastated Vinny tells Suki that if she wants to be with Eve, he won’t stand in her way.

Sticking his nose into Minute Mart business, Nish enrages an increasingly desperate Suki.

When Eve spots the argument, Suki asks if they can talk and reveals that Vinny has given his blessing to them being together. However, Eve doesn’t want to go back to a closeted relationship now she’s got Tessa.

Later, Suki tells Vinny she’s going to leave Nish and start a new life.

As she puts the final touches on her plan to leave, Suki writes a goodbye letter to Nish and as Vinny rallies around to get her the cash to tide her over, Suki makes a last-chance plea to Eve to come with her.

But Eve is torn when Stacey advises her to look to the future with Tessa, not the past with Suki. What will she decide to do?

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One with first look episodes available from 6am on BBC iPlayer

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