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Nish threatens to go to the police as his memory starts to return in EastEnders

As Suki's blood runs cold, can she stop him from going to the police?

When Nish offers to rent a flat to Kat, rent-free to begin with, Suki is suspicious and Priya teases him that he fancies Kat.

Later, in The Vic, Phil tells George he’s giving Kat time to cool down before trying to win her back. However, tempers soon flare when Kat arrives and declines his offer of paying for her drink. When Nish steps in to ask him to leave her alone, Phil warns him not to mess with Kat.

Back at No. 41, Priya advises Nish to get on with his life as Suki is never coming back, so he calls Kat and asks her on a date. However, Kat says it’s too soon and turns him down.

Determined to stop Kat from dating Nish, Stacey blurts out the truth about Eve and Kat marches over to confront Nish, demanding answers. However, Kat softens when Nish explains and agrees to a date.

Over dinner at Walford East, Kat and Nish are having fun until a jealous Phil walks in and his cruel jibes cut Kat deep as she rushes out, with Nish following.

Later, Nish invites Suki to discuss their divorce with a mediator, suggesting Vinny. And when she bumps into a friend, Barminder, Suki struggles to explain why she and Nish have split up. When Suki confesses that she can’t face the judgement of people, Barminder gives her some advice.

Resolving to be strong, Suki meets with Nish discovers he’s brought the Giani from their temple as a mediator, knowing the move will humiliate her. After an excruciating session, despite the Giani’s kindness, the gloves are off between Suki and Nish.

After hearing Suki and Linda having a clandestine conversation about the café, Nish begins to get suspicious and during a day of probing, gleans enough information from Denise and Linda to realise they are hiding something.

When Nish explains that his memory is returning, Suki's blood runs cold and he tells her to sign over all their businesses to him, or he’ll go to the police.

As some of the women meet for a panicked conversation about how to handle Nish, they agree that Suki must agree to his demands to protect them.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One with first look episodes available from 6am on BBC iPlayer


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