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Nish turns violent against Suki after she teams up with Kat to humiliate him in EastEnders

Arriving just in time, how will the wider Panesar family react?


As Kat starts to worry about Raymond, Phil shuts down her concerns and tells Kat that his solicitor has started their divorce proceedings.

Later, Kat overhears that Phil is buying the Arches from Ben and starts to suspect that Phil isn’t being honest in the divorce as the business wasn’t listed on his solicitors letter.

Seizing the opportunity to get his hands on some of the Mitchell fortune, Nish introduces Kat to dodgy divorce lawyer Roger Peel.

Later, when Kat arrives at No.41, it’s clear that Nish is aware of her plan. After fending off an attack from Nish, Kat runs to Stacey, Eve and Suki where they all share words and Kat and Stacey humiliate Nish. Retaliating, Nish gives DC Whisson a call regarding the events of Christmas.

At the Albert, the women meet with Johnny to discuss the developments but things take a sour turn when Stacey evicts Suki after an argument erupts between the pair.

Later, Suki tells a devastated Eve she’s leaving whilst Nish watches on.

In The Vic, Vinny gives Suki food for thought and she heads to No.41 to ask for a truce with Nish. But it’s not long before Nish turns violent as the wider Panesar family arrive home in Suki’s time of need.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One with first look episodes available from 6am on BBC iPlayer


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