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Noah hides in Chloe's bedroom in Emmerdale as stalking continues

How long before his creepy behaviour is discovered?

When Chloe walks into the salon, Noah is shocked as his location tracker clearly showed her to be somewhere else. As she announces that she's lost her phone, Noah eagerly heads to 'find it' and Chloe is soon elated when he returns her missing phone.

With her plans with Nate clearly going awry, Noah offers Chloe his tickets for an escape room, putting him back in her good books - making her think that he's a rational, reasonable all-around good person.

Having bought himself a flashy new drone, Noah is soon enjoying hovering it outside an oblivious Chloe's bedroom window, recording her.

The next day, Mackenzie offers Noah advice on how to win her back and when Chloe leaves her bag unattended as she has coffee with Jacob, Noah swipes her house keys from her open bag.

As he snoops around her bedroom, Noah relishes every moment until he suddenly hears the door slam downstairs as Chloe has come home. As she enters her bedroom, Noah hides in the wardrobe. How long before his creepy behaviour will be discovered?

And after a party at Sarah’s, Noah is thrilled that his manipulations are paying off as Chloe asks him to walk her home.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV

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