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Norma has TRUST ISSUES in Hollyoaks

Will James succeed in rinsing Norma dry?

James continues to be Norma’s cut-throat accomplice in his mission to double-cross her, but when he gets a big pay-check, he decides to rinse her dry first.

Lying to Norma about being reinstated at the law firm, James is determined to get his job back, using Verity’s heartbreak to his advantage by offering to lighten the workload.

When they meet at The Loft, James lies to Norma about getting reinstated at work. She teases the potential of a big cash reward for working with her as long as she trusts him, but a mix-up leads to him revealing that he’s bugged the briefcase.

Elsewhere, with Sienna preoccupied with crushing her opponent, Warren, Ethan is left with babysitting duties.

As Sienna and Warren are at each other’s throats, they are interrupted by an alarming phone call from Ethan.

Joel is left shaken when Sienna reveals her terrifying plan of revenge for Warren. And when she sets out to tell Warren some shocking information, Sienna is stopped in her tracks when he berates her for not focusing on their daughter.

Norma is infuriated when Warren chooses his family over her and later, James makes a big decision which leads to Ste washing his hands with him once and for all.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays to Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4 with first look episodes available weekday mornings on All4 and weekday evenings at 7pm on E4


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