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Norma is blackmailed by an old acquaintance in Hollyoaks

Can Warren help set his mother free and convince Sharon to go on a date?

With Sharon unable to get through to Zoe, a strange noise coming from her car sees her at the garage where Warren’s attempts at flirting aren’t reciprocated. When Sienna walks in and sees Sharon getting out of the back of the car, she quickly jumps to conclusions.

Meanwhile, Norma comes face to face with an old acquaintance who has just been released from prison after being locked up for protecting her. Wanting to keep him away, Norma gives him money to start a new life.

And when ex-policeman Jack walks past and hears the name of the recently freed ‘Terry Smart’, he’s left looking concerned.

When Norma receives a surprise visit from Terry, Jack, having already had his suspicions that Terry was up to no good, decides to keep an eye out for Norma.

Coming face to face with the man he helped to send down, Jack tells Terry to tells him to get his hands off Norma, but things take a turn for the worst and Terry leaves Norma with 24 hours to give him the money he wants, or he’ll go to the police about her involvement in the crime which saw him behind bars.

When Warren returns home, Norma fesses up about Terry leaving Warren out to protect his mum. With Sharon on his mind, Warren wants to make her realise that he’s more than just his bad boy reputation and leaves a drawing in her car by Sophie for her dad.

Knowing it was a set-up to get him to see her again, the doctor plays along and this time leaves her real number on the back of the picture.

Determined to get a date with the doctor, Warren texts her letting her know she left something behind, only for her to turn up and realise he meant himself. After his cheesy chat-up lines make her laugh, Sharon agrees to go on a date with him.

Later, Norma receives some blackmail in the post from Terry, but before Warren can react Joel walks in and tells his dad about Juliet’s condition. Together, Warren, Norma and Joel sit to reflect on the news that Juliet doesn’t have long left and Warren tells his mum that she’d have liked Juliet and that if she had the chance, she’d have taken the world by storm.

Wanting to protect her family, Norma plans on paying off Terry. But when Warren discovers her idea, he tells his mum he doesn’t need protection and that if they give him the money he’ll only come back for more.

Back at home, Warren tells his mum she was right and he’s paid off Terry and after a day of reflecting, Warren wants to go and find Sharon and set the record straight. Putting him off, Norma tells him that he deserves better and not someone who is so quick to judge.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays to Fridays at 6.30pm first look episodes available weekday mornings on Channel 4 and weekday evenings at 7pm on E4


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