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Ollie plans to leave Hollyoaks after Luke's betrayal

Can he be convinced to stay?

When Ollie's girlfriend, Evie, returns to the village, she's far from happy to find him with his ex, Brooke. Taken off guard by her arrival, Cindy has bigger fish to fry after Luke gambled all of his inheritance money from his mum.

Luckily, it pays off but Luke is confused when Cindy doesn’t react the way he hoped and bumping into Evie at The Dog, the pair get talking and Luke leans in to kiss her.

With tension reaching new levels at the Cunninghams’ since Luke almost kissed Evie, Ollie breaks the news to Cindy that he’s decided to go back to London.

Determined to make Luke apologise, Cindy decides to call him out for his behaviour and whilst Ollie prepares to cut ties, Luke has lunch. As he chokes on a wooden spoon, luckily, Liberty is to the rescue and gives him the Heimlich manoeuvre.

Will Ollie stick to his plans and leave the village after finding out how critical his dad’s condition has become?

When Luke interviews Becky to work at the burger stand, he puts his foot in his mouth, resulting in her leaving a disgruntled review online.

Later, Zara apologises to Becky on Luke’s behalf and explains his condition. But will Becky buy it?

Hollyoaks continues Mondays - Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4


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