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Ollie's desperation brings Victor back to the village in Hollyoaks

But can Sid gather enough evidence to save Juliet?

Instead of celebrating being officially married to Yazz, Tom reaches out to Ollie and arranges for Brooke to go with Ollie to drugs counselling.

As Ollie prepares for his Narcotics Anonymous meeting, he shares a moment with Luke and feels optimistic... but not for long. When Imran arrives to take Brooke on a date, Ollie is left feeling rejected.

Meanwhile, with James struggling with Juliet’s case, Ste manages to track down Sacha, who used to work with Jordan, and thinks she could be a key witness to prove that Juliet was groomed.

The next morning, Ollie is full of remorse for taking drugs again and Cindy thinks he should be punished. However Luke suggests a kick about, wanting to remind his son that there’s more to life than drugs.

However, as Luke gets caught up talking to Mandy, he completely forgets about Ollie - who is angry at being stood up by his dad and goes on the hunt for drugs.

Having been chatting to Sacha online night, Ste is thrilled when she agrees to give a statement and when James and him wait for her, they start to bond again as she's taking a long time to show up.

And when James later sets himself up on a dating app, Marnie thinks that he’s burying his true feelings for Ste. Could she be right?

Elsewhere, Sid and Peri go to Jordan’s funeral, but Sid is heartbroken that the service wasn’t what his cousin deserved. Back at home, Sid reads out what he intended to say but is furious when Ollie comes over asking for dealers’ numbers.

As he continues to get desperate for drugs, Ollie inadvertently brings Victor back to the village. When Sid finds out that Victor is back he decides to gather evidence, hoping it will help Juliet.

On day one of his mission, Victor asks Sid to climb into the boot of his car. Has he already found out about Sid’s plan?

Hollyoaks continues Mondays - Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4

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