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Paddy seeks help away from the village in Emmerdale following kiss with Mandy

Hiding her true feelings, will Mandy find love on a dating app?

With Paddy worrying about how he’s handling things, Mandy's encouraged when he agrees to come around for lunch.

Soon, Mandy reassures Paddy that he’s dealing with his grief in a healthy way, but when the moment becomes intimate, she's not sure how to handle the situation.

As they reflect on their relationship, things soon heat up when the two end up in a passionate snog. When Mandy worries that they’ve made a mistake, Paddy rushes off, upset he’s overstepped the mark leaving her kicking herself for letting things get this far.

The next day, a wretched Paddy apologises to Mandy who blinks back tears, determined to do the right thing despite her feelings for him. When he leaves, Vinny worries that a brave-faced Mandy isn't setting boundaries.

Still pining over Paddy, Mandy reveals to Vinny that she’s about to sign up for a dating app and Liam allows Mandy to set him up for online dating too. When she gets a match herself, Vinny urges her to move forwards but Mandy can’t help but think of Paddy.

Two months ago, Paddy attempted to take his own life and he continues to struggle with his mental health. Attending a man club away from the village where he doesn't know any of the men, a nervous Paddy eventually speaks up and details his woes to an understanding group.

Realising that he's far from alone with his problems, Paddy bonds with some fellow Man Club members. When he agrees to come back, it’s clear Paddy is moving in the right direction.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV1


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