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Paddy tries to convince Marlon not to divorce Rhona in Emmerdale

Can he get through to him or are Rhona and Marlon over for good?


Sick of Marlon harping on about her past actions, Rhona can’t help but engage in a chat with Charles about a potential christening for Ivy. Returning in the middle of their conversation, Marlon is stunned that Rhona has seemingly made another major decision without him.

However, Rhona explains that Charles was the one who raised the prospect of christening Ivy. But the fact that Rhona always has a justifiable reason about making decisions without him is part of Marlon’s frustration with her. Unable to take any more he launches a pan of food at the floor.

When Marlon announces that he’s leaving to go camping with Paddy to decide if he wants to continue being in a relationship with her, Rhona is devastated.

On the camping trip, Paddy is aghast to hear that Marlon is still serious about divorcing Rhona and tries to inspire his mate to fight for his marriage with the same tenacity he used to fight his way back from his stroke. But can he get through to him?

Meanwhile, Mary urges Rhona to take desperate measures to save her relationship. What will she do?

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV1


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