PAIN AND ANGER in Emmerdale as Nicola searches for the truth

Is time up for Naomi?

Nicola’s close to tears when Harriet tells her they don’t have enough to prosecute Naomi, who still hasn’t come clean about her involvement and she decides to take matters into her own hands.

Charles is stunned when Nicola chastises him for his daughter’s actions and he’s horrified by Nicola’s threat to end both his and Manpreet’s career.

Confronting Naomi, Nicola demands she tell the truth and she later berates Charles for siding with Naomi. Leaving him uneasy at the thought of Nicola’s planned retribution.

When an angry Nate confronts her about Nicola’s attack and her lies, Naomi feels guilty and Nate is resistant when she pleads with him to see the real her. When Nate ends things between them, Naomi is upset and he later worries he’s been too harsh on her.

When Rodney chastises Ethan for supporting Naomi, he feels terrible for struggling Nicola and as her PTSD re-emerges, can he convince Naomi to do the right thing and come forward to the police?

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