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Patrick's concern for Yolande grows as she continues to be intimidated by Pastor Clayton in EastEnders

Are her actions about to put them both in danger?


When Yolande overreacts to Levi’s concerns about her absence at prayer group, Denise and Patrick are stunned.

Taking refuge in the laundrette, Yolande soon becomes emotional following a conversation with Jean and reveals her current crisis of faith.

After Jean gives her food for thought, Yolande heads back to No.20 to tell the family that she’d like to arrange Jordan’s baptism.

As Yolande pushes forward with her baptism plans, Chelsea snaps and asks her to butt out of her and her son’s life.

Feeling guilty, Chelsea is persuaded otherwise by Denise and Patrick and later makes amends with a delighted Yolande.

Bumping into Pastor Clayton, Chelsea informs him of the baptism as he decides to take the lead and invites her to the community centre to discuss the plans.

Meanwhile, Yolande heads to No.1 to discuss the baptism and is horrified when Denise reveals Chelsea is currently with Pastor Clayton. Fearing for her safety, Yolande heads to the Community Centre and orders Chelsea to leave.

As Chelsea and Levi question Yolande, she quickly covers. Worried by her behaviour, Chelsea and Denise encourage Patrick to book her a doctor’s appointment.

In the Square, Pastor Clayton continues to intimidate Yolande who forbids him from being a part of Jordan’s baptism. And later, Patrick’s concerns for Yolande grow when he arrives home to the smoke alarm going off as she was distracted whilst praying and let the hob catch fire.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One with first look episodes available from 6am on BBC iPlayer


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