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Paul agrees to host Krista's event in a desperate attempt to reconnect with Leo in Neighbours

But will his plan work? And will Chelsea get in his way?


Still feeling the loss of David keenly, Krista is determined to stay sober but can't help feeling lonely and triggered.

This isn't lost on the housemates of No.32 and they come up with a plan and it looks like Krista is finally getting the support she needs.

Perturbed about Chelsea moving into Paul’s penthouse, Cara questions if Chelsea is the right person to look after him as there's no doubting that Paul is in a bad emotional state and needs looking after.

Thrilled that Chelsea is out of their house and no longer living with them, Remi tells Cara that she's not responsible for her sister's actions and to let the matter go.

But when Chelsea starts throwing her weight around the hotel, she believes she has permission to act as Paul’s proxy and make wider business decisions.

When she cancels Krista's 'Lassiters Longest Lie-In' event, Cara can't let it go. With her sister seriously disrupting her workplace, something needs to be done.

Observing Paul’s ‘objections’ to the ‘Lie-In’ have only come through Chelsea, Krista seeks confirmation of his stance by sneaking up to the penthouse while Chelsea is on a break.

Paul agrees to the event, in exchange for Krista advocating for him with Leo. Will Paul’s desperate attempt to reconnect with his son succeed?

Neighbours continues Mondays to Thursdays on Amazon Freevee


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