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Paul fears the worst after potential motor neurone disease diagnosis in Corrie

Turning to Damon, will Paul break the law to repay Billy and help Gemma?

In the solicitor’s, Adam inadvertently let's slip to Paul how Dee-Dee promised that she would cover all his costs.

Packing up his things, Paul tells Dee-Dee he’s moving out so she can find a proper flatmate who’ll pay their way as he’s not a charity case.

After moving his things into the flower shop flat, Paul secures a few hours of work as a kitchen porter at the Bistro, but his day takes a shocking turn when he attends his appointment with the neurologist who tells him he might be suffering from onset motor neurone disease.

As he heads off for a meal with the family will he tell them the truth? In the flower shop flat, Paul sits in silent tears staring at his withered hand, the reality of what lies ahead hitting him hard.

Still keeping his potential diagnosis from Billy and his family, Paul is keen to earn some money to repay Billy and help Gemma with the wedding.

In the bistro, Nick isn't impressed to see Adam having lunch with Damon and explains to Paul that he’s Harvey’s brother and is seriously bad news.

Approaching Damon on the street, Paul reveals that he hasn’t long to live and needs to earn some cash. Damon hands him the details of a bloke called Kyle who is looking for a driver as part of an insurance scam.

Will Paul break the law to raise some cash?

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1


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