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Phil and Alfie team up after Tommy's behaviour raises concern in EastEnders

But will a hospital visit give Alfie something else to worry about?

Turning up at the bookies, Phil asks Alfie to mind Tommy and Ernie whilst Kat is away visiting Little Mo. And when a downbeat Freddie arrives for a pep-talk with Alfie, he unknowingly lets slip that Tommy revealed the truth about where to find Graham.

After a huge row with Alfie at No.55, Tommy heads to the park with Perry and when Alfie later finds him, he's horrified and orders him home where the pair clash again. Intercepting, Phil shares some harsh views on Alfie’s parenting. Can Alfie make amends with his son?

Apologising for being an absent father, Alfie tries to smooth things over with Tommy but things soon turn sour when he forbids him from seeing Perry. Having learnt about the punch, Phil shares that Tommy also lashed out at Kat and the pair decide to take Tommy to the Boxing Den.

Noticing that Alfie is still grimacing in pain, Phil demands that he visit the hospital once Tommy has left.

Trying to distract himself from recent events, Alfie provides support for Linda who is debating about whether or not to fight for custody of Mick and Janine’s baby. And when Elaine and George are quick to rubbish the idea, Alfie agrees to meet the solicitor with Linda.

Later, Tommy spots Alfie getting a cab to the hospital and soon, having got drunk at Peggy's, Alfie falls out with Phil.

Alfie then heads to The Vic to apologise to Linda for missing the meeting. And when Linda notices that something isn't right with him, Alfie covers.

Struggling to process his recent news, Alfie is unenthusiastic about spending the day in the Boxing Den with Tommy and Phil.

But Tommy raises concern when he squares up to another young lad before revealing that he’s worried about Alfie, having seen him head to the hospital in a cab the day before.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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